Wednesday, September 03, 2008

“Cegah Narkoba dengan Fun” - Media Coverage of SBDP Training in Surabaya

The School Based Drug Prevention (SBDP) Training in Surabaya was covered in Jawa Pos news paper, dated 05 August 2008, page 31 at the Metropolis Pendidikan rubric. In this rubric, the SBDP training news is placed in the Pelatihan (Training) Column of Article.

Under the title of “Cegah Narkoba dengan Fun” (Prevent Drug with Fun), iIt is said that there are many drug prevention applied at schools. For this purpose, BNN in collaboration with Government of Australia through the AusAID arranged a training named School Based Drug Prevention, located at Wisma Tamu BNP.
In this training, trainers assigned are from Indonesia Australia Specialized Training Projects (IASTP) and from Austraining International. IASTP trainers are Diah Setia Utami, Riza Sarasvita, Early Dewi and Dedi Dwitagama. From Australia are Donna Leigh, Madalena and Ian Smyth. Those trainers were jointly collaborated to deliver training materials based on appropriate “fun” approaches to be applied for school children.

Although the materials delivered by each trainer were different, they tried to deliver using attractive games.

Special thanks for Dody Budhiwaskito who send me media attachment.


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